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Wehelpwithassignmments claim to help you with your writings in the best way that your grades will reach to the top. They offer to save your time by giving the best composition. However, on research about them, these claims just appeared to be a drama. First of all, they are not UK based company. they are operating from some far region of India. So, in the first look, they did not impress us. What can we know more about the is providing in this review.

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Prices page of wehelpwithassignmments explain their rates which they charge from you. Their beginning price for 2000 words of high school is $245. This is very high when the quality of services is compromised. You can never get the essay which will best in the quality. Their prices and quality of service contradicting with each other. There is nothing beneficial for you with this company. moreover, despite paying them high, you are not given a single revision after submission.

List of Services

Their list of services is not given but it is said by their official website that you can choose writers and field of your interest. So, they give all type of writing help to you. But the details of their expert qualifications are all fake. They are not qualified nor professional. They are mere freelancers doing their job as part-time with wehelpwithassignments. They use plagiarized materials in their products so you can never submit their materials to the teacher. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

You should not curious about discounts or free feature from wehelpwithassignments. Instead, you should worry about your debit card details. because the company has no privacy policy steal your financial information and hack your account for theft of money from it. This is another level of fraud which they do. You are never encouraged to purchase anything from them.

Customer Support

Bogus statements of providing help with seconds are characteristics of wehelpwithassignment. They do not reply when you ask them for delivery as the deadline for delivery has been passed. Sometimes, they block from their site and all your money wasted. To get your money back from them is an impossible job. They threaten to contact your university when you request for refund. This kind of services is never encouraged by us for frauds and scams.


Wehelpwithassignments are full of scams and frauds. They do not deserve even 1 poinbt. We do not recommend them.

User Review


The content of the paper is fully plagiarized. Their writers are not executing their own idea into words for your paper.


They are cheating students for money! they never offered what they promised. And those papers are sent to students repeatedly. And they shirk responsibility after taking the money! The service was terrible!


The work quality is very cheap. They are unable to write in Standard English because the writers are not native English speakers. The content of the essay is unstructured and the context of the essays does not meet any sense. The overall performance of this company that is working globally is poor.

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