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The UK writings offer services to UK based students to help in writings for their projects. They claim to be very efficient in writing of any type but they are just SCAM and use your future to earn money for them. Their writers are not qualified enough to support you in writing of any type without copying from internet sources. That’s why their work is full of plagiarism and they don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software which is not a true measure of plagiarism in work.

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The UK writings charge too high prices without having concern about how their customers manage to pay the heavy amount along with their heavier university dues. They just need money and nothing else. You may ask them for any refund or rebate but they will say it is not possible at all. Even their clients describe that when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university.

List of Services

The UK writings don’t offer any service without thinking of their own benefit. They say they will get your work done within stipulated time hut they ruin your reputation by delivering late and poor stuff. Their services are not to serve but to grab more and more. Remember, after submission they don’t do revisions.

Discounts and Free Features

The UK writings even talk you sweet for paying the money in advance and then by parts. They also offer you some discounts and special packages for purchasing more. They sometimes use tricks to ask you for promoting them and get special discounts. They offer services around the globe but actually the location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of Bangladesh.

Customer Support

The UK writings are not faithful to their clients, they are agents of the website, use fake names. Their clients often complain for stealing their financial information and using them to hack their bank accounts. This is so shameful for any digital market to be blamed for theft. Still, if you believe them to make any deal with them you may go and get your future spoiled. This site doesn’t deserve more than 1 out of 5.



Do not use this company. I had a really bad experience with them. They also lie to their customers. They do not get you the grade you pay for. The quality of their work is really poor. They company also does not take ownership and does not care if they give you a bad grade. They do not care if they lied to you. They also do not offer any sort of monetary compensation for the mess they caused. Although for me it wasn’t even about the money. It was the face that they messed up my work twice and lied to me. If anyone does not believe me, I am more than happy to personally email you conversations of how they cheated me and lied to me. As well as how they got me a bad grade in the end


Awful experience. Stay away from this organisation, please don't make the very expensive mistake I made. Not UK based, writers not native english speakers, no subject matter expertise, no access to latest research, cannot deliver on time, assignment read like paragraphs had been copied from internet and auto translated.


The work was delivered 2 weeks later than the deadline and it wasn't't even meeting the requirements. When asked to meet them, they declined it. No Compensation given.


I want a refund because I didn’t get the course work I made order for. the writer wrote something much different from what I requested and paid for been complaining about it and no one answered me . I’m really dissappointed


Bad. Totally Disappointed and failed each course that U.K. writing undertook as a service. What a waste of money - £900 plus!!!!


I had many disappointed experiences with UK writing most of the work came back with many spelling mistakes and non- sense phrase. I had to fix all the work again and even tough got low marks for it.


This is a fraudulent company!!!! I sent them a very detailed and descriptive plan for the essay and they came back to me 3 hours later asking for an extra £500 because they would need to write more. I then said to them that this isn’t the case and they then confirmed that they would be able to do it. Then 2 hours pass and they contact me asking for an extension which would be one hour before my assignment is due which is the position I am in now. Waiting for them to respond to my numerous messages asking them where the essay is. Really terrible service. And I urge anyone who is looking to use this website to look else where. They are nothing but liars and they just want your money. If you want to use an ukwritings service do your research first and READ THE REVIEWS.


Highly advise you not to use their services. Writers are not native and my experience with them, it was not an expert in my professional field. They made three attempts to write the essay and each time numerous mistakes which included wrong information and out of date references. I would have failed if I submitted it. They offered a jokable 7%refund.


Do not use!! UK writings is nothing but a scam!!! All they want is your money! I have had nothing but trouble! Essay that fail miserably - they trick you in to extra features until you have parted with your money then remove the features once you have paid!!! DO NOT USE EVER!!! Waste of money


Plagiarism, grammatical and structural errors, late, no refund. Avoid like the plague. My paper was delivered late with factual errors, plagiarised sentences, poor grammar and verbose styling. After 4 attempts, the paper barely improved.It was so bad, I had to re-write the whole thing from scratch. After detailed feedback, I was offered no refund.

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