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The ukessays say their old customers are all very happy, they will also use some fake chat clips of their customers to show that they are all satisfied. But please keep your eyes open and make a check on their customer reviews page you will see the truth be revealed there. As, all the old customers are accusing them for overcharging and not delivering on time. The story just not get over here, when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university. So you are not able to do so.

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The UK grade miners charge too high prices without having concern about how their customers manage to pay the heavy amount along with their heavier university dues. They just need money and nothing else. You may ask them for any refund or rebate but they will say it is not possible at all. Even their clients describe that when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university.

List of Services

The UK grade miners don’t offer any service without thinking of their own benefit. They say they will get your work done within stipulated time hut they ruin your reputation by delivering late and poor stuff. Their services are not to serve but to grab more and more. Remember, after submission they don’t do revisions.

Discounts and Free Features

The UK grade miners even talk you sweet for paying the money in advance and then by parts. They also offer you some discounts and special packages for purchasing more. They sometimes use tricks to ask you for promoting them and get special discounts. They offer services around the globe but actually the location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of Nepal.

Customer Support

The UK grade miners are not faithful to their clients, they are agents of the website, use fake names. Their clients often complain for stealing their financial information and using them to hack their bank accounts. This is so shameful for any digital market to be blamed for theft. Still, if you believe them to make any deal with them you may go and get your future spoiled. This site doesn’t deserve more than 0.5 out of 5.

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