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UK edusson seems very professional and expert writing firm by website look. However, the case is not so. The story is opposite to their big claims. Over investigation, it was revealed that their location is fake. They do not possess a physical existence. They do their online trade, which is deception and fraud, from some far region of India. To know more about this firm presenting this review.

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You will feel similar to purchasing a house in London if ever you make a deal with Uk edusson. They are never approachable in terms of pricing. So as a student your entire monthly pocket money will waste on them. Their consideration and concerns are not you. All their priority is looting customers. Yet, they do not offer revision after submission.

List of Services

Uk edusson writers are not qualified. You should not be confused with a UK label, the company possessed, that their writers will too native English speaker. They are Asian and their writing skills are too poor. They can never capable of following your academic requirements. In addition to this, plagiarism, which is not allowed at educational institutions, are also too high in quantity. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

It is hard for you to obtain a favour from Uk edusson in terms of discounts or free feature. They intend to earn money only, so no way to receive relief from them which is economical in nature. Also, they do not have a privacy policy so your bank accounts are on risk. It can be hacked and the money can be stolen. So keep are from this scammers firm.

Customer Support

Another awfulness about Uk edusson is their game customer support system. Their agents not working for your support but on the behalf of the company and they are working to get more benefit for them. They contact you with their fake names so to trap you for purchasing order. Their sweet talk and friendly conversation attempt for your convincing. Nonetheless, after order, they rebuked and insult to stop you from criticism of the company. They also threaten you to not ask for a refund otherwise they will contact the university.


Uk edusson does not deserve one out of five pints because of their scamming and cheating activities. We do not recommend them.

User Review


!!!!Avoid!!!! & Bad customer Service


i had 4 assessments to do, i paid for a premium writer (Prof, PhD) and i still failed all of them, the writers do not follow the instructions and poor quality, i lost more than $900 of this website, i used them because i had a health problem and i could not attend my classes or do my assessments.

when i got my results (Failed all 4 subjects) i emailed Edusson support and they told me that they will revise them ASAP. However next day when i asked about updates, they told me that all the 4 writers are not working anymore with them, all they said they can not help me at all. PLEASE AVOID!!!!!


This is a scam. These people own hundreds of twin websites (,,,,,,, and more).

Their writers are a joke, the quality of papers they write is ridiculous and the prices are sky-high. BETTER STAY AWAY!

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