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In this stressful and comparative era of education, students want some relief from writing and get writing firms to help. Many good and bad corporation is working in the market. Theuntutors is one of the firms that makes many promises about kinds of stuff. But we were informed by past customers that their writers being unqualified dispatch plagiarized work. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

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In prices, the uni tutor talks to the sky which you cannot afford as a student. This shows that what they are working for is not you but your money. Despite giving them too much money they deal with you with scams. They cannot satisfy you.

List of Services

Almost all kind of writings and for all educational level, they claim to deliver services. Nonetheless, these are not up to your prescription. They resell your papers which can’t be submitted at university. Moreover, they do not do revision after submission.

Discounts and Free Features

Theunitutors states to facilitate you with eye-catching discounts. However, once you place an order they don’t bestow such discounts. These are fake given only for trapping you. Also, customers have reported instances of financial information stealing. So they hack your account.

Customer Support

What a bad reputation team of agents theunitutor has. All they approach you with fake names and profiles to arrest you for placing order. After order, they get angry and impolite. Besides, they do not offer a refund. And threaten to reach university so you can not ask a refund.


Rating for theunitutor is 0 because of their fraudulent practices. We also do not recommend them.

User Review

“I paid £900 and received no service and see my review on other sites as TrustPilot will take this down if I list exactly the treatment received. All reviews the same”

By Sl lawless

“the referencing and the general structure bad. The writer didn't cooperate in checking the reference list properly. All information I've to send were neglected, the citation was inappropriate. The sources not used. The Harvard referencing guide not used . all my notes were ignored, or just dealt with poorly. Like replacing the citation with another new without kinking it to the topic.”

By enzyme

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