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When students require extra help with their writing to get some relief from the burden of assignment and to get high grades they look toward a writing firm. firms like speedycoursework promise many things for their help and relief. But whether we can trust this company are not is going to describe in this review. The first fake thing about this firm is that their location details are not real. They are not UK based but working from some remote part of India.

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They feel pride themself to demand high prices from students. They try to convince you that as their prices are high similarly their quality is also high. But it is not true. Their materials are very low in quality which you can never submit to the teacher. Further, they do not give revision after submission. All their practices are deception.

List of Services

Speedycoursework offers you coursework, SSP analysis, plagiarism report, proofreading and so on. Despite offering a plagiarism report, their work by itself is plagiarized to great extent. They can never facilitate you with original and unique work. They are fraudulent working with an unqualified team of writers who can never satisfy you. To avoid hurt and damage by them you should keep a distance from them.

Discounts and Free Features

Speedycoursework does not offer any discount for you. They are operating without a privacy policy. Customers have reported instances of stealing financial information by this firm. The hack you account and take all amount. This is big crimes in digital work. They can be punished by a court but as they are unregistered you can not take them to court.

Customer Support

While using fake names, this company agents approach innocent students and convince them for purchasing frauds. They are very cruel to target such students who do not have enough pocket money to survive for a month. Moreover, their refund policy is not really so thinking to your money back is a waste idea. They threaten you to approach your university as you ask them for getting your money back. They are not reliable from any perspective.


Speedycorsework is totally fraud firm. we give them 0.3 points out of five. But we never recommend them for you.

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