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The quality dissertation is the website who offer their services for writing of dissertation in any subject and discipline of your choice. They claim to be highly efficient in research writing and reporting. They claim to have highly qualified writers who are eligible to do any kind of job without wasting a second. The truth is that their writers are not qualified at all. They just brag a lot and do nothing in real. The quality dissertation have zero quality and we will never recommend this writing website at all. We care for you so we are reviewing these kind of websites who are not eligible to stay in market anymore.

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The quality dissertation have a large price catalogue with list of services in detail. They charge different price for different type of dissertation. You will be totally confused and unable to decide which one is less expensive. As, their price range is too high. You wouldn’t be able to buy the good quality dissertation. And when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university to ruin your reputation.

List of Services

The quality dissertation offers many services regrading thesis and dissertation like they offer applied research thesis, explanatory research, action research and many more. You may ask one of them and get the work ready. But who knows? The work they provide is full of plagiarism and theft material. You can’t get right proves of theft as they don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software. You can’t even think to get the work redoing for better quality, after submission they don’t do revisions.

The quality dissertation claims to work globally and offer the services around the globe but the location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of Nepal.

Discounts and Free Features

The quality dissertation are totally fraud they never keep their words and wrongly claim to have extra feature for you. They say they will do any project on custom basis if you ask them but actually they are good for nothing in real. They are agents of the website, use fake names to get attention of students.

Customer Support

The quality dissertation have no support for their customers. They brag a lot about being possessive of their clients but they just target new students based in UK on Facebook and social media. Then, they trap them to help them in their university assignments and dissertations. Which consequently make those innocent students a prey to grab money as much as the want.

We highly request you not to be a prey to them. They are scam and reviewed only o.5 out of 5.

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