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The quality assignment is a website offers you to for your assignment in very good position and very limited budget. You and many other new college graduates be a prey to their tricks very easily. As, they promise to do your work very nicely. But they are frauds. We are here to make you people aware of the forces like them who are trying to grabbing your money and conning you. Just try not to be a victim of frauds like them. Their writers are not qualified and they can’t fulfil the criteria of good writers of the modern era. The location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of Nepal.

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The quality assignment is really not good in quality. As, they simply ask you to pay for them and wait for your assignment to be done. You will keep waiting and they wouldn’t deliver anything back. Because, they were not going to deliver at all. They just need your money and nothing else.

List of Services

The quality assignment offer various services of writing in various subjects and levels. You just need to specify the level and length of script you want to get written. They totally have no concern with length of script and the features you want mandatory in your writing because they are not asking to write but to decide the price. They are just agents of the website, use fake names. If they deliver the work that will be full of theft and copied material. You wouldn’t be able to charge them legally as they don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software which doesn’t give some authentic report of plagiarism.

Discounts and Free Features

The quality assignment are built to deceive with various tricks. They also offer you some discount or rebate in package if you promote their page. But please don’t put at risk the career for your near ones for few dollars. They have no shame, when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university and ruin your reputation there. After delivering the garbage stuff in your inbox they don’t even respond. After submission they don’t do revisions. Then, you get no other option except crying over the loss.

Customer Support

They are enemies of their customers. They will steal you PayPal or other financial information and will try every trick to launder the money in your bank accounts. Many old customers are seen to be cry over their huge losses due to sharing the bank account details of them. They deserve no reviews more than 0.5 out of 5 instead I would like to give then -0.5 out of 5 for being so fake and cruel.

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