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The PhD dissertation is a platform who offer to write dissertation for you in any discipline within specified time and minimum budget. They say they can help you in writing projects with full of their potential. The PhD dissertation say they have highly efficient writers to conduct a well research and then to put it in true placement for you. Their writers are not qualified enough to conduct a good research. They are not eligible to get the research work done by themselves. They are so poor in vocabulary and the language skills. Further, they say they are equally available worldwide but the Location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of Bangladesh. Please, don’t put at risk your future and your reputation in the institute.

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The PhD dissertation have so high price range which cannot be met easily by everyone. Their prices are so high for a very depraved service of writing. They use old style of writing and inadequate language terminologies which destroys the sentence structure and doesn’t make sense. The pity is that after submission they don’t do revisions. So, you have to bear the content you have received. The PhD dissertation are not self-made writers but they are agents of the website, use fake names of well-known websites to earn money at their peak.

List of Services

The PhD dissertation offer to write for many disciplines. They say they will write thesis and dissertation in number of fields whether they are modern or old sciences. They brag a lot about the writing services. They say their dissertation will be of high quality with modern writing standards and desired specifications. But this is all just bragging and poor tricks to capture more and more clients.

The services they offer include many type of dissertation, like explanatory, exploratory, descriptive and applied. They say they will conduct a real research on behalf of yours wherever you ask them to conduct. They have global access to researchers and writers but this is not true. They only exist in remote part of Bangladesh. If they do so they will provide you a fully plagiarised content and that will be a copy from some third class writing websites. The PhD dissertation don’t provide a good report of plagiarism because they don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software and get the report of their own choice.

Discounts and Free Features

The PhD dissertation offer various discounted and free features to get ranked higher in your priority list. They say they will write thesis in any format of your choice and any length of your need. But, this is not true they use these type of tricks for capturing more and more clients. The new ones and the innocent ones get captured in these type of cheesy talks but we warn you to not be a prey of them.

Customer Support

The PhD dissertation never care about their customers at all. They say their old customers are very happy with their working abilities but you can observe this in their customer reviews very well. All the old clients are crying and accusing PhD dissertation for ditching them. They are crying over their loss but who cares for them? They even try to get the refund or revisions of their work at least but when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university to snatch the remaining reputation also. That’s why, we never recommend them at all and give them a review of 0.5 out of 5.


We do not recommend this company. They are valueless. They do not deserve even 1 out of 5 ratings. User Review

“I can’t believe I was stupid enough to pay for this. The essay was rubbish, the prices were so high and then they were so rude and hard to understand later. No refunds, no expert writers – NOTHING. Just don’t work with these guys. They are probably not even English speaking but using Google translate or something.”

By Nancy P. Moreira

“This service does not cover my subject”

By Required Things

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