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Oxessays is a fraudulent writing service. The first look of they seem very attractive that may compel you to take their products. However, when you engage with them you will get learned a lesson from experience with them. They asr scammers and use fake things. For example, their physical address is fake. They are not working in the UK but regulating from some remote part of India without physical existence.

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Oxessay has set a high price to very worst quality substances. This thing is never acceptable. On the other hand, their competitors deliver the best materials at low rates. This means that the company is only working for looting you. There is no good reason for such high amounts they demand from you. In addition to this, they do not offer a single revision after submission.

List of Services

Almost all type of writing compositions are claimed to offered by oxessays, but essay writing is their speciality. But the quality of service can not be guaranteed. Their writers are unqualified who make a lot of mistakes in the composing work. You can never achieve high grades while using their services. Besides, plagiarism is also found in their work. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

Discounts are not given by them. Oxessay just plunders and hack your account. As they do not have privacy policy they steal your financial information and then hack your account so all of your money is theft. This is a big crime done by this company. You should maintain your safety by not using them.

Customer Support

Oxessays pledged to answer and help you within seconds and give you many options for contacting them. However, their agents are not as trustworthy as they use fake names and get trapped you via Facebook or Whatsapp. Then they do not answer and help you. Contrary to this they threaten to contact your university in case of requesting a refund. You can also do not take them to court as they are unregistered writing corporation.


Oxessay is not trustworthy. They do not deserve any rating. We do not recommend them. you should abstain from them. User Review

Suzanna s. says

Very low quality, basic sentence structure and grammar errors.

The opening sentence was grammatically incorrect. It read as a fifth-grader wrote it after reading cliff notes. One sentence was, "Duncan herself." That was a sentence! Here is another example, "Her strong character makes her wish her was a man..." Or this. "Lady Macbeth dealings can be compared..."They wouldn't address giving me a refund or give me an owner's name. They redirected me to a customer service email. I am writing this review not to slander a company but to warn potential customers that this will not help you so do not waste your time or money.

memo d. says


I'm giving one star because there is no '0' option. Never trust this essay writing service. I had 2 horrible experience with them. They never follow your instructions, they only use fake references, very very low quality of paper and they never deliver the paper on time. Don't waste your money guys. They never refund your money. my order number is *******535. I spend 163 pound and I got nothing!!. And now I'm preparing apply for legal remedies. guys again don't waste your money it is SCAMM!!,as%20expected%20by%20some%20customers.

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