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To get relief from the burden of numerous assignment and exams pressure, students move toward writing firm for help with writings. Myassignmenthelp is one of the corporations that claim itself as one of the best Uk origins in writings. Nevertheless, they are neither best nor UK based. They use a physical address in order to get your attention and cheat you. They are regulating fro India, illegally.

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Students first take into consideration their budget then they hire a company which comes under their range of pocket money. Myassignment prices are not calculated so you do not get an idea how much they charge. This means that they charge customers according to their desires. It will be certainly expensive for you. Moreover, instead of for looting you, after submission, they do not do revision.

List of Services

Myassignmenthelp offers essay, homework, dissertation, thesis, research paper and proofreading for disciplines like law, history, management sciences, etc. but do they really have the best team of writers to provide the best quality? No, their writers are not qualified nor professionals. They use plagiarized content materials. Their work is neither original nor unique as they do not use Turnitin. They sue some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

On the official site, myasignmenthelp promises to facilitate you with 10 % discounts on a new order, while 20% if you are old customers. Can you get such discounts? Never, these are not for you. These discounts schemes are just given for looting you. You can never secure free features from this fraud company.

Customer Support

The company whose agents use fake names for approaching and arresting you can never support you. After order when you contact them for queries, they do not talk in a friendly manner. They get impolite and angry so to insult you. This kind of behaviour can never be endured by customers. Moreover, the worst part is that they blackmail you to contact university when you ask for a refund.


Myassignmenthelp cannot help you with writings. They loot you so they do not deserve a single point. We do not recommend them. User Review


Be aware of this website it is scam and fake reviews too!

Very bad service the assignments were %90 wrong always no matter trying to explain to them they still do it wrong and take the expert side even if the work totally garbage!! they do not know anything they do not follow the specification of the assignment nor the instruction. Also, they do plagiarism from the internet totally copy and paste and they denied it even when you give them the proof!!. They will not issue a %100 refund they will do %50 refund in your wallet and not your credit account or if you want it to your credit they will only give you %20 or less total scammers! I will review your website badly in every platform and i will contact PayPal to initiate a full refund from you and block your services totally i tried multiple times with you to negotiate even though you are the one on falt but that it i had enough i will get my money back and make sure your website will be thrown in a bin. I wish i can post a picture from our chat so everyone can see what is this website is really about


This is one of the worst scam sites i…This is one of the worst scam sites i ever have come across.The target the poor student who is struggling with there assignments and when they (like Me) ask for help they generally stuff the assignment up with using inferior skills of other Indian students.I returned my own assignment telling them that my 9 years old could write better than what they supplied, so they checked and agreed, as I was not going to go away.The second one was just as bad, and I asked for a refund, I paid $180.00 and there was no way they were going to allow me a refund. they said that the English writing was acceptable, to a 9-year-old student in India it might be, but not to an Australian or American wanting to make an example.!&text=They%20will%20not%20issue%20a,20%20or%20less%20total%20scammers!

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