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The MH writer are ones who brag a lot about helping you in your working upon different types of writings. They say they are expert in writing about any topic without difficulty. They brag a lot about their writing skills, efficient style and high vocabulary to help anyone in their writing task. They are liars, their writers are not qualified enough to help you in a standard writing. They simply use names of high qualified and well reputed websites to grab your attention. Actually they are agents of the website, use fake names and cash their goodwill.

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The MH writer charge very high prices for very poor services. They ask you to pay in advance a heavy amount so you cannot step back later, knowing their working deficiencies. Then, you will keep paying the remaining amount with hope that they will do your work with care may be. The problem is that when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university. So, you will lose your money and reputation both.

List of Services

The MH writer claim to serve you with many services of writing in business projects, academics and professional presentations. They say they are expert in writing of any topic, subject and discipline. They offer to revise the writing if you do not get satisfied. But actually, after submission they don’t do revisions. They even just don’t reply your messages and calls. Further, they MH writer offer to serve you globally without any delay. Moreover, the location mentioned is wrong, they exist in remote part of India.

The fully copied content is poured into your inbox and you just can’t do anything without accepting the stuff. They don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software which gives false report of plagiarism and you can’t do anything.

Discounts and Free Features

The MH writer even suggest you some features free of cost. They often claim to serve you with many other features on discounted prices. They say they are more generous to their loyal customers with extra features free of cost. But this is all just a statement which have nothing true in the background. Actually, they use these type of tricks to grab more money of the innocent customers.

Customer Support

The MH writer are not loyal to their customers and often accused of being harsh and rude. You may review their customer’s comments on their page which clearly shows how much they care about their customers. They just need money and will throw away the customers contacts once the deal is done.

All the old customers are seen crying and regretting over their loss. The loss of money, loss of time, loss of reputation as well as loss of career. The MH writer deserve no review better than 0.5 out of 5. They are fake and never recommended at all. User Review


Did not keep a promise of returning assignment to me on time. Customer service did not help in the slightest with this issue regarding a refund.


One star because you can’t do zero. Thread carefully. They quoted me a price which was not bad. Later they said the “expert” reviewed my request and they sky rocketed the price to triple what they had quoted me. Even though it was pricey I agreed with the condition they would deliver on time to which they assured me was no problem. The deadline came and went and nothing was delivered. I sent them emails asking about updates and they sent me generic messages of “We’re working on it. Check back in 48 hours”. I told them that I didn’t have 48 hours because my deadline was the next morning and then they just sent me a “sorry you’re on your own here’s your money back” email, just hours before my deadline. I ended up doing the work myself overnight. I guess I’m better than their “expert” who couldn’t do it in one week.


Be careful what you tell Mhwriter with instructions. I recently just experienced false advertisement with one of my essays and it's dissapointing for what I paid for.


They never even delivered my order just kept promising. Terrible.


I have never seen such bad service before! My assignment is due and I lost 50 percent of the grade and their website was down for so many hours and their service is trash and they still asked for the remaining amount of payment BEFORE sending the document!!!


DO NOT USE THEM. Fake reviews! All my papers are PLAGIARIZED. They won’t refund me or anything. This website is a Scam!!! I repeat do not waste your money !




I had a very bad experience with I posted y request they promised to get me an expert in my assignment. They asked for payment prior to the work and I asked to have a demo discussion with that expert so I can get a feel for his expertise. They just sent me promises of their expertise, so I made a third of the payment as prompted by them. They came back within a week asking for the remaining payment, no work sent to me. I was behind schedule and asked them for part of the assignment in order to send them the remaining payment but they refused to say I'll get the complete assignment once full payent is made. I ignored their many emails until one day I received an email saying they'll have to report me to my university which is plain Black Mail. I still didn't receive the work they claim they've in their previous emails.


Scam, they do lengthy garbage work to make sure you can't get your money back.


I swear this people are so mean. After I did write my review and when back to them for one last chance.... they did the same thing again. Late assignment and they doing half and half as if I’m paying half and the worse part is that, since they making you 17hrs late they can even reimburse you on the money that they charging you since they ain’t keeping up their promises. I think I’m done and I’ll never gonna go back. On top of that they can’t even send you a message to tell you what going on but they will remember you before you place payment.

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