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Currently, because of multipurpose events and rushes, pupils want to use writing firms and get some relief. Regarding so, they try to get a writing firm helps. Globalprojecthelp is one of the corporations which states to serve you with your writings. Nonetheless, they are helpful qualitatively because having unqualified writers their composition is not up to standard marks. Their work is being plagiarized as they copy content from virtual sources. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

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Global projects help is not trustworthy for its words and promises as they turn back on their promises soon. You may not approach them for their expensive rates. Their rates do not come under students budget. All this explain that they are ore decline toward making money. Your requirements are not their priority.

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Don’t ever rely on globalprojectshelp weak and poor stuff. You will regret it while working with them. Before ordering they say to provide high-quality materials. However, after order, they are exposed to you for their awful composition. They also do not do revision after submission.

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No discounts or any other features are for you with them. They just need your money and debit card details in order to hack your bank accounts. This is a high serious matter as all of your money is theft and you cannot do anything, legally or illegally.

Customer Support

Very sweetly talk of their customer care agents succeeds to convince you with their fake names. But as soon as an order is placed, the good agents become worst and bitter. Late replies, abusive language, insulting and disrespecting are some of their characteristics. In addition to this, they threaten you to contact your university to tell them about your activity of getting writing help from a writing firm. So you cannot get your refund. As the company is working illegally from some remote part of India you can not get against them to court.


In terms of rating, we do not give any point to them. They are the biggest scammers. We do not recommend them.

User Review

This company is a fraud. This company does not get you the grades you pay them to get you. They lie to and cheat their customers. They will approach you from Facebook, WeChat and Skype. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. You pay a lot of money for nothing. It is a waste of time and money. The company also does not take responsibility for their wrongdoings such as lying to their customers. Please have a look and do not get involved with them. They steal your money.

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The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly Check grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. They do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic.


I have no idea how this site is even still up. Customer service is rude. The money back policy is ridiculous and impossible to receive your money back. The paper was completely not what I asked for and they won't even attempt to fix it. Don't use this website. seriously dont.


it was the worst paper that I have ever had. don't lose ur money in this website.


Full of plagiarism and all copied from webs you can easily found. Do not trust it when they say 0 plagiarism guarantee because they will tell you in the end the paper is only 30% plagiarism and they do not offer refund if less than 30% which they came out with the number. Terrible costumer service and terrible quality! STAY AWAY!


Worst experience ever!! The paper was far too overpriced for the disgusting quality of the paper. On top of it being horribly LATE!! I will never use this site again. They caused me to stay up far past midnight to wait for the late paper to be finished and still in terrible condition. I am shocked how it is still operating! This site should be terminated immediately.


Don't even try the free version. The entire essay was word for word copied from Wikipedia. I have not tried for a payed paper, but I cna't imagine the results are much better. Not worth your time.


This company is horrible, they can do simple essays but anything above high school level is a joke. the quality is horrible and the writers don't even look at the information you give them to write about. the customer service is also a joke. they are way overpriced with writers that do not have the experience or degrees to efficiently write a good paper.


I paid $300 for a globalprojects and gave very specific/detailed instructions. The paper had to be about my profession as a Dispatcher, but instead the paper was written about customer service. I asked for multiple revisions and each time the paper got worse. Poor english and APA skills were very apparent. When I asked for a refund since the paper wasn't even usable, they offered me 10% and kept arguing about how the paper was fine. I attempted to get my money back via Paypal, but they don't cover services on their guarantee. I am out a lot of money and ended up writing the paper myself.


My paper was wrote very poorly, got a D grade, The paper did not make any sense.


I ordered my paper from this company, but am not very satisfied by their service. but their customer support agents were so rude and my paper was of average quality. I would never order from this company again.

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