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The essay bird are never present to help in any situation to their clients. They say they will be there for you and other customers to assist them in any time. But this is just a lie. Further, after submission they don’t do revisions, if you ask them to do revise the work due to lack of efficiency they wouldn’t do so, and will not even respond your messages and calls. We will never recommend a service of essay bird. They deserve no reviews better than 1 out of 5.

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The essay writing service UK are very old fashioned and use poor techniques to grab your money. They ask you to pay in advance so that they may continue to work for you from very beginning. The prices they are asking are too expensive and no one agrees easily for that. So, they use tricks like pay more and get more. Or the cheaper are the cheaters. Please, be smart and don’t go for them.

List of Services

The essay writing service UK offer variety of services to you against a heavy amount of money. They say they will not only write essays for you but will also provide you the high definition relevant pictures, presentations, references and relevant content to be more prepared for your final year project and you may ensue maximum grades in your subject. They brag a lot about the efficient writers but we are warning you that their writers are not qualified to do these things.

All of their list proved to be fake soon as they not fulfil any single offer of their list. This was all just a fake claim. They are just agents of the website, use fake names to grab your attention. All the content you will get is plagiarised and the pity is that they don’t use Turnitin, they use some cheap software which doesn’t provide a detailed report to get things clear.

Discounts and Free Features

The essay writing service UK also use tricks of discounts and special packages for getting more money from new customers. They say their features are not for everyone but for their loyal and regular customers. They may ask you to pay a little more to get the bigger offer but please, don’t waste any more money on deceivers like them. Beware, after submission they don’t do revisions if you think of getting a revision throw this idea away.

Customer Support

The essay writing service UK say their old customers are all very happy, they will also use some fake chat clips of their customers to show that they are all satisfied. But please keep your eyes open and make a check on their customer reviews page you will see the truth be revealed there. As, all the old customers are accusing them for overcharging and not delivering on time. The story just not get over here, when requested for refund, they threatened to contact university. So you are not able to do so.

They don’t have enough calibre of doing the job on time in good form. So, they deserve a review no more than 1 out of 5. We never recommend you the services of essay writing service UK.