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Prices is not the ideal writing firm you should consider when looking for a more affordable and professional writing firm. They charge one of the highest price in the UK

List of Services claims to offer other essays, assignments, dissertations and coursework writing firms in the UK. They do not have the resources and human capacity to craft quality paper for you.

Discounts and Free Features

Discount my feet. They offer a more useless discount. Their content is useless, so also, discount. What is the point of the discount, if you can make use of final submission due to poor grammar structure, plagiarism and more.

Customer Support

Delays are the order of the day, when you think of customer support, think of failure and delays. They don't respond to clients' queries for days, months and even a year.


Don't consider using any writing like that get ⅕ ratings for your project.



The papers provided by company were full of syntactic errors. The writing of the site is lacking coherent and cohesion which means that sentences, paragraphs, and ideas are not connected.

Lorena neither help you with relevant materials nor with discounts. Their entire existence is for making money. In addition to this, they steal customer personal and financial information. They hack your bank accounts and loot all the amount.


The writers of the essaybird is foolish. They are not skilled enough to write a good essay on any niche. They are trapping you by using different tactics such as they have professional writers, customer satisfaction, and delivery on time, and affordable for you. But when you meet the reality you’ll not get what was supposed. They are not able to deliver service on time.

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