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Prices claims to be one of the oldest writing firms in the UK, hence they charge extremely high prices for any writing tasks.

List of Services

Despite being one of the oldest, their writers are not qualified to craft quality essays, dissertations, assignments or coursework. The final submission is mal with errors, incorrect spelling and more.

Discounts and Free Features

The truth is does not offer any discounts or free features without taking them back. Either they give you substandard submission or give you plagiarized content.

Customer Support customer support is not reliable. Inefficiency runs in their vein. They can delay. Their response time takes between 3 to 7 days.


There is no better rating than ⅕ star. does not deserve any star rating.


Thierry say they refund you if you do not like your paper, but this is not true. I had to send the paper for 2 revisions, got a horrible essay both times, and they still said ‘send it for revision’. Students have deadlines, don’t you know?

Xiaoxia is not trustworthy. They just earn money from you and then disappeared. They are not built for servicing. All their plan is making money by fraud and deception.


Essayarsenal company should be reliable in terms of customers’ winning way for his/her job. But this company is making money but lacking the services maintained on their websites.

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