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Beeresearcher is also a writing company. their official website seems very professional. However, they are not professionals when it comes to their writings quality. In the following, we are reviewing this writing company.

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Do not expect low prices from this company. Their estimated prices are not cheap. You cannot afford them on your pocket money for the entire month. Instead of paying them high money, they will never satisfy you with writings quality. So serval other companies are working which writings are best and prices re low so you should opt for them.

List of Services

Students always look for quality services. They do not want to receive mere quantity but the quality is the main thing which matters a lot for them. Beeresearcher is not best when it comes to the quality of services because their writers are not best. They are unqualified, therefore their writings are full of mistakes. Plagiarism is the main issue in their work. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

We did not find any discount on this company site. Beeresearcher are not reliable for you because they do not intend to help needy students. Their intention is not to serve clients but their main plan is looting them with both hands.

Customer Support

Customer care services can develop trust between company and clients, therefore it keeps a lot of importance in any business. But beeresearcher is not ready for helping clients. Their agents use fake names for trapping students. After order, they do not bother to answer your questions. In addition to this their physical address is fake. They exist in some far region of India.


We do not recommend beeresearcher. They are synonymous to cheating and frauds. Their business based on deception. So do not buy from them.



The writers are useless who don't have minimum knowledge on how to write a dissertation paper. I think they don't even know what is dissertation and how to write it. The work which they have submitted is equal to an empty paper. They took 8 MONTHS to just say that your refund is disapproved which is supposed to be done in one month. They are cheaters. Trust me don't prefer British essay writers.


This company is zero in facilitation. They commit on-time delivery within 3 to 7 days. In reality, they never pay attention to the customer’s submission deadline. They are fraud and playing with the career of students.


This company fails to take responsibility for their wrong doings and shortcomings, thus making this company fraudulent. Please don't do business with this company, you will regret it!

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