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Writing is not as easy as it seems. It needs a lot of rehearsal and prerequisite to make up the best papers. Several online writing companies are claiming to help customers. Nevertheless, not all companies are respectable. Assignmentwritinguk is one of them. Today we are revealing this company.

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Prices also matter as most of the clients are pupils who do not have adequate cash to pay high dues. They constantly look for some inexpensive services. Nevertheless, assignmentwritinguk are not consistent in terms of prices. They charge high rates. So on budget, they are not made for you.

List of Services

Assignmentwritinguk products include custom essay, assignment, thesis, dissertation, research proposal and presentation. They claim to deliver expert authors for your assistance but this is not correct. All authors of this corporation are not qualified they are high school students and employed part-time with this corporation. Their writings are not original nor unique. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

This corporation offer concessions but these concessions are uncertain. For instance, you will buy more than 2000 words and they will give you 10% concessions. But this is not an intelligent deal. Additional, their privacy policy is not available so do not use your debit card on this company site.

Customer Support

Client care services can play a great part in evolving faith between customer and corporation. Nevertheless, assignmentwritinguk does not care for client care. They mere care for scams and burgling innocent students. Their squad of buyer care services is corrupt and immoral when dealing with customers. In addition to this, their physical address of UK origin is fake. They are not working from Uk but operating from some remote area of India.


Assignmentwritinguk is not UK based company. They are using fake things in order to trap you. Their writings are not trustworthy. So, we do not recomemdn this company.



Please do not use this service. I was in hospital and had a deadline. I was asked what degree standard I would like assignment to be completed. I asked for 2 1. The standard of the essay was so bad. It was late and the Customer service team were pathetic. They actually laughed on the telephone to me. Extremely rude. Would not give me refund this service is definitely a SCAM don’t waste your time and money.


With this experience, I lost trust in this company and I’ll never use these types of services for my academics. They are unable to fulfill all the requirements. They never refund the installments.


This company does not get you the grades you pay them to get you. They lie to and cheat their customers. You pay a lot of money for nothing. It is a waste of time and money.

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