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Trusting an unknown writing firm can create big issues for you. Therefore for your facility, we are providing this review about assignmentland. Assignmentland working as a writing firm claims itself as a UK based company. however, the fact is opposite to these claims. They use the fake address for trading purposes while actually, they are working from some remote part of India. To know what other frauds they do this review will prove helpful for you.

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Prices of Assignentland are also not calculated. They state on-site that they will give you the best quality materials on affordable prices. Nonetheless, they have a bidding system in which writers set their rates. But most of them working in union and bid highly on your order without guaranteeing the quality of work. Further, they do not offer revision after submission.

List of Services

A vast range of disciplines and writing services offered by assignmentland. However, their capacity does not allow them to offer such a vast range. They are only arresting you with their fake services list. Their writers' qualification is null so how they can deliver such a vast list of services. In addition to this, customers have reported high repots of plagiarism in their work. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

Assignmenland offers you a 15% discount on a new order which is more than 1500 words. However, it is fake given only for convincing students to get their services. Once you place orders, they say that your discount code has been expired. It is a systematical fraud done by this firm. the entire firm is involved in looting students.

Customer Support

Before placing an order, assignmentland agents contact you, with their fake names, to make you prepare for placing order. Once you are convinced you will experience their sluggish response and impolite language. Despite claiming fast response, they are not so prompt. They also do not explain refund policy clearly. They threaten to approach your university as you ask them for a refund. This time of scams and the fraudulent corporation is never encouraged by us.


Assignmentland is a land of fraud and deception. The deserve 0.4 points out of 5. We do not recommend them.

User Review


Customer support is very essential for any company but is important to maintain this. They did not offer me revision. Even in certain situations, they start to threaten the clients that they will complain to their school. This company is not confidential for academic work.


I am highly against this company because they are totally a scam. Their behaviors are unprofessional. The writers are not native speakers. They use to write in common language. It is my sincere opinion that all the students do not use this company for your academics.


Essay writing is a tough job. Normally students want to escape from all these headaches.Then, they use different offers to overcome their stress. is working in this field to facilitate students. Their aim is to provide original content and overcome the stress of the students but in reality that picture has another side.

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