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Assignentcamp as a writing corporation claims to provide you with quality composition at affordable prices. They also claim to hire qualified writers who will meet your requirement. Nonetheless, when their physical address is fake, their other claims are also not true. They use UK based location while the reality is not so as they are functioning from some remote region of India, virtually and illegally, without a physical office. This review will educate you much more about them.

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Yes, prices list of assignmentcamp is available on its site, but these rates are beyond your idea. They are neither affordable nor good in quality of work. Their rates pattern seem expensive, economically and qualitatively. They do not take into accounts of students economic problems. They just need money and money. Instead of demanding such expensive rates, they do not offer a single revision after submission.

List of Services

The fraudster can never satisfy you with their services. Assignmentcamp offers homework, essay writing, research papers and others. Their only speciality is looting innocent clients for no reason. Their writers which are unqualified use plagiarized contain work in their composition so you can never present the paper to the teacher. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

Discounts and free features are always on the target of students to get some economical relief. But assignmentcamp also do not take into consideration such measures. They do not facilitate you with free things. Contrary to this, they hack your bank account and loot all money from therein. This is because of having no privacy policy on its site.

Customer Support

Assignmetcamp customer care system is not too good. They provide slow help or sometimes never help you. The vast list of agents working with them uses fake names for customers trapping and plundering them. This biggest worry is that they do not give a refund. It is tight. They threaten you to approach your university so you can never ask for a refund. These aspects make them one of the untrustworthy and unreliable writing firms. Their scamming activities are not good for your person and finance.


Assignmetcamp is a fake company we do not give them even 1 point. You should refrain from them. we do not recommend them.

User Review


The agency has a foolish writer’s team who are not serious with their profession. Their grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are highly evident in their poor qualification. They are not writing their own words rather copying from different sources.


The Assignmentcamp brag a lot to be very responsive to their customers’ queries and to be available for them throughout the days and nights. They promised to keep in touch with you during the work so you and they get a pure satisfaction, but no. That was fake promise. Moreover, they are too much rude to talk, so you can’t handle any awkward situation with them. Their customers have really bad reviews for them below the website you may observe also.


The quality of essays that they deliver is extremely pitiable. The content of the essays is not fresh and unique but that uses forged or paraphrased content. The grammar and spellings of the content are filled with mistakes that creates an irony that their writers are Ph.D. scholars.

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