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Assignmentbox is a fake company. You should not depend upon them for your writings. Their physical address is fake because they do not work from Uk, but exist in some remote area of India. This review is about them.

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You cannot approach this company when it comes to their prices. They are charging the client very highly. Despite paying them a full amount you will get worst stuff. So working with them is not rationality. are scammers.

List of Services

Assignmentbox writers are fraudsters. They do not have any right to loot and cheat innocent students with their incomplete and irrelevant writings. Their qualification is null. They cannot handle customers instructions. Also, they do not follow your guidelines. So, it will be better to ignore this firm at all cost.

Discounts and Free Features

Assignmentbox offers some discounts but these are not for students facilitation but for attracting them to purchase the company services. Because their main aim is stealing clients debit card details and then hacking their accounts. Thus, never use your debit card on this company site.

Customer Support

Assignmentbox customer care system is not advance. They are scammers and fraudulent. They do not have social media pages, phone number and an email id. There is only a live chat option which is very slow. Their agents use fake names. Further, after order placement, they use bad language with clients. in addition to this, they blackmail clients to not ask for a refund otherwise they will approach your university.


Assignmentbox is fake and cheater company. Their physical address is fake while writers are not qualified. Every aspect of this company is bad. So we do not recommend them.



We are not satisfied with this company because they are a fraud. They are not recommended for others because they are rude, their performance is not good. Writers are not qualified and their communication is not professional.


They are not successful to build up trust in their customers because they are not providing the services as claimed. This company is defeating you only for a few pennies. This company never deserves to support it for their fraud.


They are offering discounts but when you place an order they cleverly increase your amount by giving lame excuses. It is highly misleading and destroying the trust level.

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