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Assignmentace try to make you foolish with their attractive website. Their guarantee and promises are all fake. They are on top of the writing services who sell you frauds. The first thing about their fraud is that their physical address is false. They are not UK based company but functioning from some remote part of India.

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Assignentace dues are not cheap. They do not consider how you, as a student, will manage to pay them while also paying high fees of the university. Their objectives are clearly shown fro their prices that they just want to loot you and in return sell you frauds. Yet, they also do not do revision after submission.

List of Services

Services of assignmentace are deception, fraud, scam and harming you. They are not capable to facilitate you with the right materials. You are not on their priority list so you can't get any relevant and adequate substances from the. Your grades may seriously affect if you tried to use their unqualified writers' writings. It is plagiarized to great extent. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

When it comes to discounts then assignmmentace claims to give you 15%discount on first projects but these are mere statements for arresting you with them. There are no solid discounts because when you try to put discounts code, you are notified that the code has been expired. So never rely on their discounts frauds.

Customer Support

Their agents are not trustworthy. They use fake names for contacting you and try to convince you with their false claims. After convincing they do not support and help you, you are left hopeless and helpless. Their workers are also blackmailers as they blackmail you to contact university so you cannot ask for a refund.


In terms of rating, assignmentace do not have any credibility of writing. We do not give them any point. We do not recommend them.

User Review

SCAM SCAM SCAM DONT TRY AS YOU GONNA END UP UPSET WITH YOURSELF: I already report this website as it’s not trusted I’m still waiting for my refund I hope it gets fined for the amount of scams.

By miss


It is just a SCAM!

I have emailed them and tried to contact them for days but they are not communicating effectively. They have completely missed my deadline and have started the refund process but they cannot provide proof for it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

By Sara Shekarchi

£230 down the drain company can’t be…£230 down the drain company can’t be trusted. Extremely poor customer service. Orders not completed asked for a refund no reply just do it yourself not worth the risk.

By Man’naruto

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have been struggling badly with assignments. I took very a bad decision to trust assignment ace!! they are not available 24/7 so that false advertising!! now they haven't done my assignment nor are they responding to my emails or WhatsApp messages. I am very disappointed and I want a full refund! but there is no one to contact!! my assignment is due tomorrow and now I will fail my module which will affect my overall grade as I am in my final year! don't recommend this service!!

By noname



You can only rely on their customers support team. All the other features of assignmentace do not worth a single minute of your attention. Why? Simply because they can`t be rendered in professional and business way one expects. If you don`t want to be fooled around - skip this Assigment ace service and find a better one elsewhere.


Worst essay expert you can possibly find online! They have no idea what professional essay writing service should know and be able to do. To contact them I spent the whole hour! Because their phone couldn`t have been reached due to some technical problem. As a result my paper turned out to be so gross.... I didn`t have any other option but to rewrite it on my own. What did I waste money on?????


No adequate support team. No qualified writers. No free services like plagiarism check or proofreading. So there is definitely no sense of using for your writing assignment unless you want to get a bad mark for it and waste some money ;)


To the biggest regret, I must say that there isn`t anything good with this writing resource. They failed with the scheduled delivery of my book report that had to be ready in one week! I was a fool to add to the order an essay. Wrong terms and incorrect summary page.


Nevertheless it`s Assignment ace - their services are weak and totally awful. Somehow it seems like writers do not actually know what task they are assigned to and what the client wants them to write down. The support team of doesn`t make it any easier for customers or writers. No accurate answer on timing was given to me. Regret using this service...


When ordering at I faced a problem with credit card payment, it just didn’t want to transfer the needed amount. Support team made me sure it was a problem from my side, not theirs. Next day I noticed that the double price was withdrawn. I complained about it with the guy from support – but he said no money will be returned, because only the needed amount was paid. Scam!!!


A disgusting resource that cannot perform any kind of a professional writing and especially make that writing meet the deadline and not be plagiarized from the very beginning! In case you are willing to spend the entire waiting in waiting for nothing - welcome to the Assignmentace!


They robbed me!!! I asked for a plagiarism check up and for rewriting for my research paper. We agreed on $200 for the whole work but as a result they didn`t agree to send me my finished order until I pay them an additional amount of $30!Robbery!!!!! Stay away from this place!


Listening to customer should be a priority in any company! But, doesn’t know what it is! None of my complaints about poor quality of the paper was accepted! I had to finish and proofread the paper on my own. Why did I waste money on their “service”?


Nothing out there, except for the nice web design. I believe the price and the quality are so different and cannot even be compared. You pay a lot for what? Unprofessional support and rude communication? And to all of that you can add badly written paper. Perfect collaboration with a professional resource with high prices, isn`t it?! It was the first and the last time that I contacted this resource.

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