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In the modern-day world, you can receive services within minutes without struggling physically because of the virtualization of business. In the virtual world, online writing trade has been also grown. A lot of writing companies are working in the market. But selecting the best services is not easy. Academicassignment is one of the writing companies claiming itself best. Can we justify their claims? Let's find it.

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Another name of luxuriousness is academicassignment. You cannot afford this company if you are a student. Their prices schemes are beyond students approach. They do not care for pupils, but for earning money. You are needed to find some affordable company for your writings.

List of Services

A long list of services is available on academicassignments company site. However, their compositions are not satisfactory. Their writers are not qualified nor UK based speakers. The entire production of this company is erroneous. The main issue with their writing is plagiarism found in their writings. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Discounts and Free Features

There is no discount of free features available with this company. They will charge you additionally for proofreading, revision and plagiarism report which are given free by other companies. Economically, Academicassignments company is not trustworthy.

Customer Support

The customer support system of academicassignment is the worst. Their agents use fake names and profiles for trapping customers. They have no kindness for clients. They may insult you if you ever asked them for a refund. In addition to this, their mentioned location address is fake. They do not exist in Uk but working from some remote part of India illegally.


Overall, we do not recommend academicassignment. They are deceivers who blackmail customers to contact the university in case of requesting them for refund. They deserve 0 ratings.



Academicassignment is not user friendly for the students. They are charging 107$-139$ per order which is not possible for a student to pay. If they offer any concession that is only 5$ or7$. The writers are using different tricks to trap students. This company is not for students.


This is an online service for youngsters but its quality is not at all considerable. The content they write is not unique in terms of its originality and does not make any sense. They are making innocent students fool by presenting them as they are best. This company is a fraud who is scamming people with different tricks.


Trust is one major reason for the success of any company. You can’t develop trust when your need for academic concerns are not fulfilling.

Who is the top UK Writing Service Provider

There are many writing service providers in the UK that offer writing services, but we recommend because they have a large number of successful project writing reviews. They have thousands of satisfied clients who speak about quality writing services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

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