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To claim big, academiawork is trying itself one of the best writings companies. Nonetheless, their physical address is fake. They are not from the UK, but exist in some far region of Nepal. Their materials can’t satisfy you. We are reviewing this company.


Academiawork is working based on bidding System. They have given more authority to writers. So writers will decide to charge you how much. They bid on customers orders and set their prices. Mostly, all of them set high rates. So, this is an expensive company and you cannot afford them. They are not budget-friendly.

List of Services

Academiawork services include all kind of academic writings. Nevertheless, you can’t expect good quality work from them due to their inexperienced and unqualified writers. They do not know ABC of writings. Their writings are copied from the internet. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software. Therefore, do not purchase their services.

Discounts and Free Features

Academiawork offers some discounts. These are charming and attractive. But do not get cheat by them. These are only given for trapping you because they need your debit card information. They hack clients bank accounts. Be cautious.

Customer Support

The customer support team of this company is corrupt. They use bogus names for trapping clients. Moreover, they don’t have ethical value in dealing with clients. In addition to this, their mentioned location is fake. They do not exist in the UK but run from some remote area of Nepal. They are not legit.


We do not recommend academiawork. They are cheater who traps innocent students and wastes their times and money. So, avoid this fraud company.



We never recommend Academiawork at all! Please never get trapped in their happy talks, they are frauds. You should never waste your time and money on their fake promises. Just find any better website for writing to complete your writing assignments and projects. They deserve no reviews higher than 1 out of 5. I’ll never recommend this website to anyone.


The writer is just doing fraud to their customers. The qualification they mentioned on their website is not showing any reflection of their work. They have a non-professional and rude attitude with clients. Their writing expression is just like a child of sixth or seventh grade.


This company,, is not providing whatever they claim on their website. You must choose a better option for your essay writing to get good grades.

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