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7essays is another writing company claiming itself one of the best company. however, it is not true. In the following review, we are revealing their bad aspects.

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Prices also matter in writing business because writing is a very tough job, and in case of not satisfying you are all money will be wasted. 7essays charge clients extremely high which make no sense. Their plan is making money. do not intend to serve clients. So, keep them ignore always.

List of Services

An essay is the main service of 7essays. Nevertheless, their writers being unqualified cannot compose essays in various types such as narrative, declarative etc. Their writers have never attended a prestigious institute to get qualified. So, it will be best to not work with unqualified writers.

Discounts and Free Features

We did not find any discount schemes with 7essays company. They demand a full price for their services which are not up to standard marks. So. On a budget, they cannot help you.

Customer Support

If you are expecting some quality customer care services from 7essays then you will be disappointed. Their customer support services are not satisfactory nor advanced. They do not have a phone number for communicating with clients. Besides, they use the fake address of UK origin while they exist in some far region of Nepal. So, never trust them this cheater company.


We do not recommend 7esssays for their cheating services. They blackmail you to contact university when you ask them for a refund. They do not deserve a single rating for their scamming activities.



DONT USE THIS ESSAY WRITING SERVICE!!! This was the first time I opted for an essay service for a law essay I couldn’t do due to personal circumstances. I paid a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY for some crappy essay which the feedback I was given back told me that “none of it made any sense” and “the info provided in the essay wasn’t linked to the question AT ALL”. I have never written a review for anything before in my life but for this I had to! Worst essay writing service to EXIST. DONT. USE. IT.


It is the company's responsibility to build-up trust in customers by giving them reliable services. The 7essays company fails to satisfy their clients because they are doing fraud.


The prices are very high. Students can’t afford the heavy charges because they are not capable of paying heavy dues for their academic paper writing. If you want a quality enhancement paper please avoid this agency to get help and put yourself in trouble.

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